Changing how we think about free clinics.

CommunityHealth, the largest free-clinic in Chicago, came to HDG for help promoting their All In Chicago initiative — a campaign and event promoting the discussion of health-care issues in the non-profit sector. I designed a website and supportive materials to reinforce their authority as thought leaders and to promote their annual event.


Working from the existing All In Chicago logo and iconography (also designed by HDG), I designed a website to house information about All In and to promote their events. 

I wanted it to feel like it belongs in the realm of healthcare, without it feeling like a site for patient information—it's not. All In's audience is business and healthcare leaders.


Overlapping content boxes and arrows guide the visitor through the information in an  exploratory way. You can click the links in the header to get to information directly, but you can also move organically through the flow of information boxes, one leading to the next.


After the look and feel of the website was established, I began to incorporate elements from the site into the other materials for this year's event.


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