Serving those without essential healthcare.

CommunityHealth is the largest free-clinic in Chicago, serving uninsured adults on the West and South sides. I worked with them on their 2016 materials, refining their image to be more friendly, introducing an icon system and working to ensure their clinic materials are easier to use for visitors of all walks of life.


A redesign of the patient care cards allowed us to simplify and clarify the most critical information patients need to know about qualifying for and receiving care from CommunityHealth. 

We also translated these cards into Spanish and Polish.


For their most recent annual report, CH asked for a digital download, with the design focused around patient testimonials and statistics.

The design of the annual report was an evolution of the patient care cards, starting to unify their materials.

In order to support their (awesome) statistics, I designed a set of line-icons that were used to reinforce the numbers across the document.

View the annual report


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