Turning a billboard into a brand.

After our marketing department introduced the Space is Freaking Awesome campaign to Chicago, it was the design department's job to translate the large-scale billboards and ads back into the every day museum materials that Adler visitors needed to use, incorporating the SIFA messaging and styles seamlessly into the larger Adler brand.


Designed to leave with hotel concierge desks, this guide gives a quick description of the Adler experience — from ticket prices, to suggested exhibits for each age group.

It's also where we started to use the SIFA style in combination with typical Adler tropes, like slanted color-blocks, patterns and our primary typefaces.


Each year, we update the suite of guest passes to reflect current museum happenings.

In addition to updating the artwork, I simplified and standardized the backside of the passes to help them feel like a family, despite their varying sizes.


The 2016 membership suite, which includes a renewal form, benefits mailer, membership sticker and cards, and a bi-fold rack card, is another set of pieces that provided an opportunity to expand upon the SIFA style. I brought back the Adler pink as the primary color, and re-introduced a Saturn illustration from older pieces.

It was also a chance to figure out how to handle an information-dense piece in a style that was intended to be visually dense.

While the brochure maintained a more "classic" SIFA style, with large, stacked type and a dense star field, I reigned in the graphics on the membership materials, finding a balance between usability and style.


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